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Hi, my name is Madeline.


First and foremost, I am a songwriter. And one with thin-skin that I am proud to wear. I am also a cat enthusiast, and a lover of all things that sparkle. I am an optimist, and I am easily-excited. 


To this day, I am still all of those things. Life brought it's fair share of world-altering challenges, including losing my musical inspiration and best friend at 15. so I cut my hair short. I got tattoos and grew my hair long. I cut my hair off again. I bought a cat after loving them for so long (her name is Marie , and she is a human). I moved to Nashville, to Chicago, and back. I found marie a high-spirited sister, olive. I did things I never saw myself doing.


Sooner or later, I found joy in the things that scared me. I learned how important it is to change and grow, but never lose your identity. I learned that time is precious. so thank you for spending 15 minutes of yours reading this.


I am still a songwriter, cat-lover, and performer from Louisville , Kentucky. I am always an optimist- a willing victim to rose colored glasses. I am a believer in love. I am tall. Very tall. I love to dance in the kitchen. I love glitter. I cry (hard) during Pixar films. I feel a lot, perhaps too much. But then again, that is part of what makes me who I am.


What I find most incredible about music is, no matter where we are, we will always be connected. We can all feel it, go back to a moment, and experience it like nothing else in this world. Music is truly a language and I promise you to speak it for as long as I have something to say. And I have lots to say.


I think well-written lyrics are something more powerful than just words. They can encourage love. They can relay feelings. They can bring together two people who have never met. At the end of the day, a lyric can unite.


I'm also a firm believer that music is more than a language, it is magic. When music happens, the world listens, and I think that's pretty magical.


I hope to always be learning. I hope to always have understanding. I hope to make music everyday, until I have no days left. 


I can't promise I will always be the same. But I can promise to always have that same spirit and spunk as 5 year-old me.



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